Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Breast Cancer Stage 2a (Final Radiotherapy Treatment)

Hai, its been a while since i have updated my blog. I have been occupied by other things.

Today was my 15th and last radiotherapy treatment and still not sure what is the next treatment for me. Another doctor appointment maybe next week.

I have gone through two operations, 6 cycle of chemotherapy and 15 times radiotherapy therapy since August last year. Already 8 months and i feel good. With my good appetite, i gain back my weight.

I have met a friend who is also having the same condition as i am but a year younger. We talked and i am grateful that our condition is much better than others who are having nose, throat or other cancer that effect their body function which makes them so dependable to other.

A friend of mine have recommended maqui juice and i am taking it since 2 days ago. Maqui berry contains the highest antioxidant in fruits. After taking it my body feels so extremely tired, i think that my body is getting rid of all toxins from my system. All the information i have gather claiming that this superfruit is good for your health, so i will see whether it is good for me or otherwise.

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