Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bubble Game

If you happen to be looking for a bubble gun, the soap liquid and the other accessories, Toy'R'Us at 1B has plenty to choose from.

Manual or auto, brand, size, price and colour, just make your choice.

My husband bought one battery operated bubble gun (like the one my daughter is holding), you just screw a bottle of liquid soap into the gun, fix the battery in and shoot. It can produce non-stop bubbles. But you need to have some standby liquid soap as a refill.

There can only be satisfy after at least three refillings.

Lara and Kyle Love it!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Helping Mama

How happy they are!

I guess when they are still kids they will voluntary help you "wash the car".

Wash the car = play with water and bubbles.

Once in a while I let them help me, at least they enjoyed it and are occupied with their activity.

I do hope that this wash the car enthusiasm will last until they are teenagers.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boys and The Ball

Ball.... the green spiky ball is his first baby ball.
Boys will always be boys.
Ball, trucks, cars, etc. will always be their prefered toys.
Fathers out day, please be in your good behaviour around your children, there will mimic what ever you do.

Monday, March 22, 2010


ICE CREAM is the best desert ever for kids....

My daughter's favorite flavor is strawberry because it is pink in color.

My son....i do not think he has his preference yet, he just eat whatever his sister is having.

There can have some but not too much or there will be running all around the house non stop.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


WICKED rides (wicked? it depends on the situation), in my case its wicked and money robbing rides.

You will save more when you have two kids actually. Two kids in a ride. I have spend RM 10 on 20 tokens and yet my darling kids still insist on more rides. Is the trills the same as eating ice-cream to them?

Every shopping malls we go, children amusement centre is the most irresistible place ever especially for my son. He loves to fly any plane, drive any sport cars, buses, doremon, merry go-round, etc.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lara and Kyle's activities at Home

Every parents will feel that their children grows up in a blink of an eye. My children are only 4 years and 1 year 7 months old but i feel that they are already getting more independent, doing their own activities. Mama is only needed when hunger comes.

I saw an elderly couple with their son having dinner last night, i thought they look lonely. Will we be lonely with only two kids? I will talk more about that next time.

My children loves to play outside the house (outside - car porch and open field frontage of our house). At times there will play gardening and watering the grass. I will never have to worry about watering my four potted plants, every afternoon the leaves and earth in the pot will always be damp. (I Wonder who watered them?)

Last Sunday, their cousin came by to our house with her bubble water. My kids were so excited and jumping around trying to catch the bubbles. Manually making the bubbles was hard work, so when i saw a bubble gun at Karamunsing toy shop, i bought it for RM 9.90. The gun was great, their enjoyed making bubbles.

Another activity that they will never resist were taking bath outside in a basin. (wasting water!) They can be in the water for hours even if the water is cold. I would like to remind that only let your kids bath outside if the whether and water is warm or they might catch cold and other sicknes which we try to avoid. Most children will love water.

Physical games will enhance their physical fitness (which my daughter really needs), so parents need to encourage children to play at the play ground or outside their home where it is save.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Little Flower Girl

Last week was the busiest week for me . My sister in-law's wedding was on Saturday 13 March 2010. My daughter was one of the flower girls together with her two cousins Jane and Mia.

Luckily, the week before the wedding I had bought my daughter her dresses and my son's pants and long sleeves shirt. The only thing left was my dresses, hills and my daughter's white shoe. I only manage to shop for my dresses on Thurday (two days before the wedding). With the help of my sisters Stacy and Levy i easily and expensively bought an everning gown at Wisma Merdeka, a cocktail dress with a two layered belt at Palm Square for the church wedding, a strapy hills from Vincci and a white soda kids shoe for my daughter.

On Friday, I had to buy another pair of shoe for my daughter because the one i bought previously was to big for her and I LOST the receipt. (I guess that will be her Christmas shoe).

On the wedding day, me, my husband and daughter had our hair set at a saloon in 1Borneo. The Church wedding at SIB Likas 2 pm and the wedding reception was at Putera, Bukit Padang 6:30pm.

My lovely Lara was the flower girl, this was a second time walking down the aile. She walk
very slowly and at times she was a bit shy and distracted by all the people staring at her. I was proud at her, she did all that they had practised during the rehearsal the night before.
My kids enjoyed themselves at the wedding reception, they were also on the dance floor dancing in groups with their tiny friends and playing with their ballons.
Congratulations to Wilther and Sandra.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dress Hunting

My sister-in law's wedding is this coming 13 March 2010 and my daughter will be one of the honorable flower girl.

I guess normally with other mom, it will be like walk in the park to search for the ideal dress for their daughter. But for me, it is a challenge. There is only limited dress design and size for her.

She has to have two dresses, a white dress and a dinner dress for the wedding reception in the evening.

She is only 4 years old but weight 26Kg. She is so adorably chubby.

There are so few children boutique that offer dresses for plus size kids. After searching around town, i managed to hunt a white dress at Suria Sabah Voir Boutique white Soda Kids dress RM 89 and a colourful stripe dress from 1Borneo Poney RM99. (Notice in the photos, two dresses with the similar design.)

Wow! RM188 for two dresses and she still need a white shoe. You can have less expensive dresses but for quality and branded kids clothes this is what you need to spend.

I also bought a white collar shirt and a black pants for my son, RM48.90 each.

Friday, March 5, 2010

School Work

Today my daughter has school work to do. She has to write a few lines of three alphabet words. This was the most school work that she has to do. 'Leg', 'Peg', 'Tea', Wed','Fed' and etc.

She only can complete one and a half page in one time. She was easily distracted especially by her little brother and TV. (what do you expect from a 4 year old kid). I need to constantly remind and monitor her to write her alphabet one word at the time.

Switch off all distraction when your children is finishing up their school work or doing some reading. I let the brother sit on the table with his own pencil and paper so he will not directly distract his sister.

The education system and standard has really evolved since our three decades of childhood. Now days 4 year old's are learning how to read three letter words. Recognizing alphabet A to Z and phonics sound were taught when she was only 3 years old.

Many friend of mine with young children also ask about when is the right time to start playschool education. Will three year old be too early?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mama Is Away for 2 Days

Which one is you? A stay home mother or a working mother?

It is really a dilemma if you think about your kids at home with other care givers. Like today, i had to fly to Kuching, Sarawak for a quality audit and only will be back tomorrow mid night.

I really miss my KIDS

My son keeps calling "Mama" every time he sees my car parked in the car porch. He still could not understand why the car is there but mama is not.

I wish i could stay home with them but when i think realistically i do not regret that i am also bringing home the bread for my family. Money is not everything but it is a necessity.

Kids now days needs
1. Good education
2. Variety of good food
3. Entertainment
4. Better quality of clothes and shoes
5. Future financial savings
6. Good health
7. etc....

all these needs cash.

How about yourself? you need to pamper yourself once in a while with new clothes, jewelries, new hills and etc. Except for those with super wealthy husband, most of us could not afford to get that much allowance from our hardworking husband.

Therefore, the reality is most of us mothers need to work to help out our family financial. You agree with me? but please do not neglect your children emotional needs.