Friday, March 19, 2010

Lara and Kyle's activities at Home

Every parents will feel that their children grows up in a blink of an eye. My children are only 4 years and 1 year 7 months old but i feel that they are already getting more independent, doing their own activities. Mama is only needed when hunger comes.

I saw an elderly couple with their son having dinner last night, i thought they look lonely. Will we be lonely with only two kids? I will talk more about that next time.

My children loves to play outside the house (outside - car porch and open field frontage of our house). At times there will play gardening and watering the grass. I will never have to worry about watering my four potted plants, every afternoon the leaves and earth in the pot will always be damp. (I Wonder who watered them?)

Last Sunday, their cousin came by to our house with her bubble water. My kids were so excited and jumping around trying to catch the bubbles. Manually making the bubbles was hard work, so when i saw a bubble gun at Karamunsing toy shop, i bought it for RM 9.90. The gun was great, their enjoyed making bubbles.

Another activity that they will never resist were taking bath outside in a basin. (wasting water!) They can be in the water for hours even if the water is cold. I would like to remind that only let your kids bath outside if the whether and water is warm or they might catch cold and other sicknes which we try to avoid. Most children will love water.

Physical games will enhance their physical fitness (which my daughter really needs), so parents need to encourage children to play at the play ground or outside their home where it is save.


  1. Adedei Leon...for the last photos, Lara looks so 'sexy'....:)

  2. Sensoredka.....haha....this is how there are when playing in their basin.