Monday, March 15, 2010

My Little Flower Girl

Last week was the busiest week for me . My sister in-law's wedding was on Saturday 13 March 2010. My daughter was one of the flower girls together with her two cousins Jane and Mia.

Luckily, the week before the wedding I had bought my daughter her dresses and my son's pants and long sleeves shirt. The only thing left was my dresses, hills and my daughter's white shoe. I only manage to shop for my dresses on Thurday (two days before the wedding). With the help of my sisters Stacy and Levy i easily and expensively bought an everning gown at Wisma Merdeka, a cocktail dress with a two layered belt at Palm Square for the church wedding, a strapy hills from Vincci and a white soda kids shoe for my daughter.

On Friday, I had to buy another pair of shoe for my daughter because the one i bought previously was to big for her and I LOST the receipt. (I guess that will be her Christmas shoe).

On the wedding day, me, my husband and daughter had our hair set at a saloon in 1Borneo. The Church wedding at SIB Likas 2 pm and the wedding reception was at Putera, Bukit Padang 6:30pm.

My lovely Lara was the flower girl, this was a second time walking down the aile. She walk
very slowly and at times she was a bit shy and distracted by all the people staring at her. I was proud at her, she did all that they had practised during the rehearsal the night before.
My kids enjoyed themselves at the wedding reception, they were also on the dance floor dancing in groups with their tiny friends and playing with their ballons.
Congratulations to Wilther and Sandra.

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