Sunday, February 6, 2011

Breast Cancer Stage IIa (Final Chemotherapy Treatment)

Hubby and me

Hai, its been a while since i have visited my blog site. Sometimes i feel that what is the point of having a blog. Is anybody reading these?

Any way, It has been a bitter sweet challenge this pass 6 months since i first had my operation in August 2010. Last 25 January was my 6th and final cycle of chemotherapy treatment. Apart from the obvious hair and weight loss, overall was good. Good means; considering i am having this sickness, i am still able to live a normal life, go to work, hosting my daughter's birthday party, travelling, spend time with my family without much health difficulties. I am really grateful for that.

My radiotherapy treatment will start around March 2011 which is 3 weeks 15 times. Another round of side effects that i have to endure.

It was a busy Christmas and Chinese New Year for me. I had to plan all my preparation around my treatment dates. That is the beauty of thinking positive, in any condition you are in if you forget about the difficulties you are facing you can do anything you want.

I am looking forward for my hair to grow. I can see tiny little baby hair sticking out from my bold head. Please grow into straight and silky hair.

I am going to Hong Kong with my hubby and children this coming 15 February 2011 which i purposely did not inform my doctor. luckily my next appointment is 2 March 2011 and it did not clash with the traveling date. I will post some photos when i come back.



  1. I am reading! Glad the treatment is done with. Hope you have a great trip with family and wishing u all the luck in the world. BEAT the C monster!!!

  2. Thanks dear. Another treatment to go but not as bad as the chemo. will keep you up to date.