Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breast Cancer Stage IIa (Chemotherapy Treatment Day 74)

Surprisingly i am feeling not too bad today, its my 2nd day of my 4th Chemotherapy treatment. I slept the whole afternoon yesterday and continue till this morning. I manage to stay awake the whole day today and still can play my online game. Hopefully the nausea feeling which will normally starts on my 3rd day will be a mild and controllable.

Thanks god all the support you have given me through out my ordeal, another 2 more cycle of chemotherapy and according to the doctor i have to complete a radiotherapy treatment for 15 days at SMC.

I am on medical leave for 4 days and recuperating at home with my 2 kids. My daughter asked me why i am always tired and taking my nap, guess she do not entirely understand my condition.

Hope the side effect is very mild this time.

Merry Christmas everyone. Have you completed your Christmas shopping.

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