Saturday, February 27, 2010

Children Flash Card Games (Day 3 Progress)

If you repeatedly play one games to your kids, there will automatically bring the toy to you. Just like my son, when its around 7pm he will bring the box of flash card to me. This time he responded to nine pictures.

"CAR" (was his favourite, he said it the loudest), "DOLL", "COW", "CAT", "DUCK, "SHEEP", "PIG", "DOG" and "BALL".

He was so happy when he shouted "CAR". I guess boys will always be boys. Car, excavater, trucks, Helicopter and plane will always excites him.

Since we introduce my daughter VCD and DVD when she was 3 years old, she will watch her Mickey Mouse, Barbie and Dora cartoon non stop. I am a little bit worried, she is hooked to the TV.

Please delay in introducing cartoon to your children, there will not stop watching ever........
Maybe we need to discuss more about TV and children in the next blog.

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