Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cartoon Stickers

Whenever we have our Bak Kut Tay dinner at Damai, my kids will always drop by a grocery shop named 101 Super Store. They sell the cheapest cartoon stickers RM1 per page.

My daughter will ask for RM2 from me and i accompanied my children to the shop. Both of them had to choose Ben 10 sticker because they have no other choice.

All the various stickers my daughter bought this few years are 80% sticking all over on her plastic table and chair.

The remaining 20% are sticking on parts of their body. Sticker tattoos.

Stickers can be used as an educational tool, use the sticker to point to the nose, then the arm, legs and all parts of the body. If they love the stickers,their concentration span is longer. Repeat this activity and your kid could name all of his body parts. 

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