Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mama's Little Helper

How early can we introduce our children about housekeeping?

My son knows when there are dust or small rubbish on the floor, the broom and the dust pan are the things to get. 
The small broom and dust pan were used to be his sister's but he uses it more than his sister.So, now he owns it. He can sweep the floor almost perfectly and throw the rubbish collected in the dust pan into the bin.

How i hope he will continue this good housekeeping habit. Boys will normally dependent on their mother or sister to do all the housekeeping work, laundry and cooking.

At home my husband does all the cooking, which i hope he will pick up the skill as he grows up.


  1. ..your hubby does all the cooking?!!!...wahhh, sama lah kita Leon...hehehe! Untung oh kan kan!


  2. He cooked because he complaint that my cooking tidak sedap....