Friday, April 9, 2010

DVD Collection

I did not realized that my children has 45 DVDs collection until last night when i was helping my daughter to search for one of her mickey mouse DVD.

I think she has all the Barbie DVD collection which we can find in town, 16 of them.
1. Rapunzel.
2. Nutcracker.
3. Swan Lake.
4. A Mermaid Tale
5. Mermaidia.
6. Thumbelina.
7. A Christmas Carol.
8. The Island Princess.
9. Magic of the Rainbow.
10. Mariposa and her butterfly friends.
11. Fairytopia.
12. Sing along with Barbie.
13. Magic of Pegasus.
14. Three Musketeers.
15. 12 Dancing Princess.
16. Diamond Castle.

Her first DVD was Barney the purple dinosaur. She will be dancing and singing along with the songs imitating the kids in the DVD.

When she grew older, she prefer to watch Barbie. You need to purchase an original DVD or VCD for kids, they will repeatedly watch the same DVD over and over again until they can memorized every single dialogue, song and story. Even if they do not know how to read yet but they could recognized the title.


  1. Byk nya Leon koleksi si Lara....

  2. Ya....inila collection CD dia....and makin banyak ni...