Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ear Piercing

How early can a girl get her ear pierce?

My niece and her young aunt (only 7 years old) had their ear pierce at 3 years old. Last Christmas, at my in-laws Christmas party, both girls were showing off their pierce ears and earrings to my daughter. She was so fascinated and curious about putting on earrings that she keep on bragging on wanting to have a heart shape earrings. Before she could pierce her ear, her wish came through at her 4th Birthday last January, her father bought her a dolphin shaped gold earrings.

A week after her birthday, she wanted to pierce her ears but unfortunately when we arrived at the goldsmith shop where they provide ear piercing service, another girl was crying in pain after getting her ear pierced. Knowing and assuming piercing will be painful, we were unable to convince her, so we left. 
Last  Friday, when we were walking near by the same shop, I unintentionally ask her on whether she wanted her ear pierce. Surprisingly, she nodded. Me and  my husband rush to the goldsmith shop, select an earrings and quickly pierce her ears before she change her mind. To our surprise she did not even shed a tear.
When she woke up the next morning, the first thing she told me that her earrings are still here and pointing to her ears.
What a relieve.
She is only 4years old and yet the influence and trend by friends are already part of her life. How in the world do I make only good things influence her.

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