Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Breast Cancer Stage IIa (Chemotherapy Treatment Day 37)

Bad mouth ulcer and cough! Argggg....I cannot even take cough mixture. I am having this mouth ulcer for 3 days now. tried gargling with salt water but it only relieves it for a while.The pain when i am chewing, unbearable.

I have started work on Monday and i met my boss in the morning, he did not even notice my wig. He though i am not having any hair loss, he even complemented on my new hair cut. He was shocked when i told him the truth. It as amusing, he even teased me to put on a blue colour wig.

I only have another 12 days before my 3rd treatment before all those lousy side effect and tiredness taking over my life for another round, i want to enjoy my days, eat nice tasty food, watch a couple of movies, enjoy myself with my kids and hubby.

I am going outstation again tomorrow to Kuala Penyu. It is something i used to enjoy but now days it is only work for me. Drive, reach there, complete my work and drive back. 4 hours drive.

Drive safe everybody......

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