Friday, November 19, 2010

Breast Cancer Stage IIa (Chemotherapy Treatment Day 47)

Thank God i feel good today.

My next treatment will be on 23 November 2010; Tuesday.

Time flies really fast especially at the end of the year. When Christmas comes, i will complete my 4th chemo cycle. Hope the side effect will be inimal, i have so much to prepare for Christmas, need all my energy to do a lot of shopping and attend family gatherings all in December. Shopping for present, new clothes for me and my kids.

Tomorrow at my hubby 'Kampung' there will be a 60th year anniversary celebration of the Kampung, next Saturday on 27 November 2010 there will two different family gatherings, a wedding on the 4th December, another family gathering at Tambunan on 18th December 2010, Christmas at Kolopis, Christmas at Kota Belud the next day, Family Gathering again at Kota Belud on 30th December and a wedding on 1st January 2011 which will also be our 6 year wedding anniversary. The schedules are really packed.

I frequently drink barley which believes to be good in cleaning your kidney. My family loves it except my daughter.

I have endure another painful 3rd cycle treatment on next Tuesday and another 4 days of suffering. What to do, i have no choice but to complete the whole 6 cycle. My weight on 18 November 2010 drop to 47.1kg.

Pray for me.   

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