Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Breast Cancer Stage IIa (Chemotherapy Treatment Day 30)

2 November 2010 was my 2nd chemotherapy treatment and the pain when the drugs transmit in my veins still feel very overwhelming. The nausea feeling is still not hitting me yet, just the extreme fatigue. Yesterday, after the treatment i came home and i nap and sleep the whole afternoon and night. The doctor told me that the side effect will be less every each cycle, If that will happen to me that it is a relieve.

The only thing that i am really controlling is the food and the amount of water i take. Less water or not so clean fruits or food will cause swollen tonsil and high fever. That is the worst part if you are having nausea, headache, fatigue and at the same time swollen tonsil and fever. Arggggg!

I hope this time around the side effect will be less then the last one. Finger cross. God protect me.


  1. Be strong... My prayer and support be with you... God Bless you... Amen.

  2. Hai, Thanks for your support. I will be fine.