Saturday, October 30, 2010

Breast Cancer Stage IIa (Chemotherapy Treatment Day 26)

Few hours ago i have just spoken to a very good friend of mine. She just delivered her daughter and i plan to visit her tomorrow. She did not know i have this sickness and after talking about her delivery, kids and suddenly she asked about my surgery. Even though i have completely accepting the fact but I still cry when people ask me about this thing that i am having.

I am so sorry, it is not something that i will brag about.Honestly i feel normal (except for the few days after the chemotherapy), i do not want other people to look at me with those sympathetic eyes and treat me like i am extremely sick. It is really mentally draining.It is Cancer but what can i do! just accept with a positive mind, fight it and pray to god.

I hate those people who would consciously or unconsciously take advantage of people like me. As soon as they know about my condition, all sorts of MLM product will be bugging me like leaches. NO THANK YOU! I am capable of doing my own research. Even the doctor will not encourage Chemo patient to consume all those MLM product. How do you know the real content and dosage of the product, will it react with the chemo drugs? all those agents out there are not Doctors.

Tomorrow there will be a breast cancer awareness campaign at Le Meridien Hotel 9.30am to 12.30pm. They will teach you how to self examine your breast which we should do every month. Please attend.

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