Saturday, October 9, 2010

Breast Cancer Stage IIa ( Chemotherapy Treatment Day 5)

Thanks god. I feel 80% better today, the nausea feeling, headache and body aching have subsided but still feel fatigue and i need constantly watch what i consume or my tonsil will get infected.

I drove my daughter to her clay and ballet classes today and had lunch with my hubby and kids at Pizza hut. They really crave for some tasty and not plain tasteless food we had for the pass months. I only had abit of the pizza and they finish all the garlic bread, meat ball spaghetti, fries, cokes, wings and the pizza. How i wish i have the appetite to eat all of that.

Hopefully my suffering only last for 4 days after the treatment cycle. If that is the case then i think i will survive this horrific ordeal. 24 days of suffering for the 4 and half months of treatment.

I am very gratefully for the support my family and friends have given me for the pass few days. Daniel has even bought some Chinese roots, mushroom and white and red carrots to boil and drink to enhance the immune system. Carol, Patricia and Rose have send me sms that helps to lighten a bit of the suffering. My lovely mum came to stay with us for few days and cook the most delicious dishes even though i cant taste much of it but i believe it was mouth watering. My husband was always telling me to be strong and my kids are so understanding and kind, not much fuss from them but hugs and kisses from Lara and Kyle.

I am so afraid of the next treatment on 25 October 2010. I am really traumatised from this first experience. The needle, the drugs, the smell and the feeling. PAIN!

I will be starting work on Monday, i have decided to return to work so that i can go through the days faster and i guess i am used to be working for my mental health and stability. Luckily i have a good, reliable and dependable helper and baby sitter.


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  1. hi kaykyle! i have also been diagnosed with bc stage IIA. i like your blog, it is so candid and honest :) pray for me too - that i may recover swiftly!