Friday, September 3, 2010

Breast Cancer Stage 1 (Day 3)

I am feeling slightly better. The first night after the shocking news i could not sleep, woke up at 2am and i rearrange the small cabinets in the bedroom quietly so not to awake my husband and kids. sudden urge to do something.

Called the doctor yesterday and rescheduled the operation to 7 September 2010 8:30am. I need to spend at least 2 nights at the Hospital away from my kids. Still have not told my kids yet. Will they understand!
I have only told my mum that i need to have another operation to remove some more of the tissue. It is so difficult to tell her that I have breast cancer. It will brake her heart.I have decided to let me go through with the operation first then tell her the whole story.

This morning i have told my friends at work, Carol, Patricia and Daniel. They are so supportive. Thanks guys.

I need to folk out RM7k this time. Not sure whether i need to implant the chemo pot during my next operation. what if i do not need chemotherapy? the chemo pot will cost my RM2k. Need to discuss with my doctor.

My back is aching, will this be one of the symptoms of feeling depress?or lack of sleep? i need to cut my meat intake,maybe to 90%.

Really cannot wait to have the operation. The faster it finish the faster i can recover.

Whoever is reading my blog, i would like to say thank you and please pray for my fast recovery.

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