Sunday, September 19, 2010

Breast Cancer Stage IIa (Day 18)

As the days goes by, i some times forget that i have some very serious activity going on inside me. My taste buds are tempting me and it is so difficult to resist. Last Friday my younger sister came back from KL and my aunt over there packed some nice juicy dried sweet meat....yum....luckily my husband quickly finish most of them and last night my husband and kids went out and had KFC for dinner, i had my dinner earlier so i only had few fries.

A childhood friend visited me on 15 September 2010 evening, we talked and she lend me a very useful book about antioxidant. Read it a bit and it really is an introduction to Vitamin E, C, polic acid and etc. Do you know that too fully benefit from the vitamin C or E, you should consume both E and C together.  I did not know that!

I bought my supplements last Friday, Vitamin E, C, multivitamins, Calcium Magnesium and Co enzyme Q10. Have been taking all the vitamins for two days now along with consuming fruits and vegetables with abit of chicken or fish meat. Hopefully the antioxidant in my body could control all the free radicals that is harmful to my health cells. I read in some articles that taking soy can cause cancer so do taking milk. Is it true? i am not drinking my milk and calcium making my back ache, that is why i have to take Calcium tablets.

How about taking Spirulina? Husband, kids and I have been taking spirulina tablets for months now but a friend of mine told me that it causes lung and liver cancer. I have to get more information on this.

My left arm is still aching. 12 days after the operation and the pain is still there. Those who have survived this illness explained that the toughest time to go through is during the chemotherapy period. It all depends on the side effect it causes you, some would be so weak that they could not get out of bed, feels hungry but have no appetites to eat  or difficult to eat due to dry throat, nausea, body ache and migraine. Oh God hope i can go through all of this and please lighten the suffering during my treatment.

My Oncology appointment will be on 23 September 2010 2pm. The specialist doctor will decide what suitable treatment will i be put on. Hope for the best.

Will get you updated after the appointment.

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