Sunday, September 5, 2010

Breast Cancer Stage 1 (Day 4)

It is a normal day today, when to church this morning, had our lunch, when home before sending Lara to her ballet class.

This few days, i am easily feeling exhausted. Why? maybe it is only in my mind. I need to fight it. Tomorrow i am going outstation to Kuala Penyu. Work still need to go on.

I have cut almost 90% of meat intake for the past 2 days. I did not even tried the chicken my husband grille last night for dinner. It used to be my favourite. I only ate white rice, cabbage with ikan bilis and water melon. Hope i can maintain a healthier eating habit. I also cycle about 10km on my exercise bike today.

My husband plan to bring us for a camping trip next weekend on one of the beaches at Kota Belud but we maybe need to reschedule it. It will be my 4th day after the operation.

The stitches from the previous operation have not entirely healed.  Maybe it needs at least a month to recover.

Tomorrow will be the last day for me to enjoy all the food that i like after Tue, no more meat, eggs, sea food and milk for me. I need to adopt a whole new menu. Still need to do some research.

Let you guys know if i have done that. Hope i will be relax the whole day tomorrow and Tue.

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