Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Breast Cancer Stage 1

It was not a good feeling when the doctor break the news that the lump which was surgically removed from my left breast last 21 August 2010 has tested positive for tumour stage 1. All i though was who is going to take care of my kids, they are only 4 and 2 years old. So depresing. I cried alittle while in my doctor's room and holding my tears all the way to my car and cried while i drove all the way back home. I manage to suck all those depressing feeling in when i saw my kids waiting for me at home.

Played with them for while then when they were busy spending time outdoors with their baby sitter, i broke the news to my husband, we discussed about the many treatments and options that we need to do. I browse through my insurance policies which i need more clarification from my insurance agent which i have made appoinment to see her on Friday.

What a day, before this the biopsi shows negative result but how can it be wrong. I have to endure another operation to remove some more portion of the breast tissue. Another operation! but this time the doctor will put me to a deep sleep. Hopefully i will not feel the pain as i did the last time.

I have to call my doctor later to reschedule my surgery to 7 September instead of 15 September. The longer i wait the more worried i will be. Please god let everything be ok.

I love my husband, Lara and Kyle very much. I will survive this one.


  1. OMG! This is shocking me! May God Bless you my dear...

    Be Strong!

  2. Be strong Leon, God is with you...
    If little Lara & Kyle read tis blog,
    they know how mommy love them most...
    U will survive, I know you will...

  3. I will survive. I am still coping with the news.
    Thanks for your support

  4. Hi I am new here.. read the news from wyne blog.. what a shock news..

    all the best with the treatments.. we will pray for you.. b strong.. :)