Sunday, September 26, 2010

Breast Cancer Stage IIa (Day 26)

My appointment with the Oncologist on 23 September 2010 has confirmed that i need chemotherapy for 6 cycles, 1 cycle is for 3 weeks. My condition is in the middle, not the earliest and not the worst. The good thing is that my lymph nodes tested negative for the cancer cells but cancer cell positive for Her2+. Only 15 -25% of cancer patients are Her2+ and i am one of the unlucky ones, the cancer cells growth are more aggressive. That is why i need the chemotherapy.

The shake his head when the answer for all his questions are 'NO'. Do you smoke? do you ever smoke? drink? any history of breast cancer in your family? are you over weight? eat meat excessively?. Then how come i am the given this illness?. There are many other factors, includes environmental pollution, chemical exposure, stress, etc, no way to pin point.

The only regret i have was i did not seek for a second opinion when i first detected the lump way back in March and May 2010. The doctor i saw did an ultrasound and confirm it is not cancerous but luckily i decided to removed it in August just in case. Only if i have known earlier, i could have removed the lump earlier.

The chemotherapy will start on 5 October 2010. I am still not sure whether to implant a chemo pot or not? how will the side effect be.....i will lose my hair! gosh this is really big for me. God let everything be okay and not painful.

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