Thursday, September 9, 2010

Breast Cancer Stage 1 (Day 9)

I removed the dressing on my wound for the first time today. There will be two long scares when it heals. One on upper side of left breast and one on my left armpit. Armpit still feels numb. Is it normal? Hope the numbness will disappear.

Last night we went out and drove along the Inanam old road which was so bumpy i feel like something is tearing me apart from inside. Why in the world did he took that road! It is so difficult when my son suddenly wanted to be carried all the time. Manja Mama. My left arm could not be straighten or the muscle connected to the armpit will stretch the stitches. Pain!

Hope within a week the pain will slowly subside so i can stop taking the pain killer. I have started to browse through information on what supplement to take to improve the immune system and starve the cancer cell. I had stop taking sugar and anything contain sugar. For dinner today i ate a bit of chicken fillet which was cooked together with leafy vegetable, carrot and tomatoes. Before dinner around 5pm i ate oranges and mango fruit. I read in an article that explains that fruits are to be taken on an empty stomach so that all the nutrients will be absorb into our body.

Tomorrow will be a joyful celebration for the Muslims and there will be preparing a lot of delicacies, very tempting but i think i will have the will and power to resist all those sweet, fatty and spicy food. I had to just sit in and recover, no Berhari Raya for me this year.

My husband and his friends planned to spend a night outdoor at a river in his Kampung this weekend. what a wrong timing, it will be an excellent experience for my kids. Maybe we will have our picnic there at the river and spend a night at my in-laws. To bad i could not deep into the river.

When i have recover from my illness i will start a new interesting way of life. I will do the things that i have wanted to do for many years, taking better care of myself, health, appearance and be more outgoing, be in touch with the environment and be involve in outdoors activities with my husband and kids.

Stressing about your work and money are not healthy.  Yes, we need money to survive but why must we be stress about getting more when it will affect our health. Work to pay of your future illness?

I did took photos of my  breast tissue and lymph nose surgically removed on 7 September 2010, Not sure whether it is appropriate to upload in this blog. Maybe i will upload the next time.

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  1. No big deal no raya for this year...

    Just hope that your Christmas is 'big' this year...

    Take care...