Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Breast Cancer Stage 1 (Day 7)

Hai everyone. Thanked God my operation went well yesterday but my left armpit is abit numb.

The day before the operation, i had so much office work to complete, prepare NCR for KPU, draf a memo to HQ and complete the Zonal HMR report which i managed to complete at around 11pm.

The day of the operation which is the 7 September 2010 i woke up at 6am, packed up my things then my husband sent me to Damai Specialist Clinic. I was send to the OT at 9:30am. I did not feel a thing during the operation but when i was just started to wake up from the sedation, the pain under my armpit is really overwhelming. The doctor had to give me pain killer and mix some in the drip. I was in the OT room for almost 3 hours.

The night in the ward was like a family get together slumber party, all my 6 sisters came to visit me and brought me fruits to eat. The most memorable thing is that my husband bought me a bouquet of flower and the note says ' To mummy, get well soon. Luv, husband, Lara and Kyle'. So sweet, really appreciate and love my husband.

I guess there will always be a good thing that is hiding behind a bad situation. I am so grateful that i detected the lump early, i have a loving and supporting family and friends and an understanding Boss. He has help me to arrange for the company to reimburse my medical expenses. So, i do not have to disturb my personal insurance for my future use.

My next treatment will be decided on the next doctor review. Thanks everyone for your support.